At SQE Labs, we perform Localization Testing to check whether software can perform properly in all the supported locales or culture and that it is functioning properly with all types of international inputs and steps, to effectively make your product truly global. Localization Testing checks how well the build has been translated into a particular target language.

This test is based on the results of globalized testing where the functional support for that particular locale has already been verified. We go to great lengths to ensure your products meet the language and cultural requirements of global markets.


Key benefits of Localization Testing:

Increases Test Coverage - We provide maximum testing coverage of your application, over different supported locales across the globe.

Saves Cost - With changes in business requirement during the testing process and at a later date, we ensure that the existing modules still work correctly and also incorporate these changes in our testing strategy.

Improves Testing Results - Our well-defined test processes help in ensuring consistency in testing and test results.

Improves quality - Our methodology, our proven expertise in test strategy, planning and test execution techniques and our efficient testing through the usage of best practices helps in improving the overall quality of the product.

Saves time - We help you reach to your global markets faster.