At SQE Labs, Agile Testing is performed by vastly experienced Agile testers. Our experts completely understand your customers’ dynamically changing requirements and define test strategies accordingly. In Agile Testing, we test the product from customer’s perspective, as early as code is available for testing. This type of testing demands high customer involvement. An extensive Regression Testing is performed to make sure that the bugs are fixed and quality of code is improved with each iteration.

Smooth communication between the teams is the key to success for Agile Testing. We ensure that our team is available round the clock, to understand the changing business requirements of your software application. At SQE Labs, testing experts customize testing processes, approaches and methodologies, without compromising on the quality of deliverables. Our streamlined processes ensure timely delivery of reports in given formats. This ensures that testing team is in complete sync with your software development team. It saves a lot of your time and hassles, thus helps you concentrate more on your business outcomes.

Leverage our Agile Testing Services for greater test coverage, earlier identification of gaps/defects and for ensuring exceptional quality for the application releases.


Key benefits of Agile Testing:

Finding defects early - Agile Testing helps in identification of defects early in the development cycle, as and when the testable code is delivered for testing.

Facilitate in meeting changed business requirement - With changes in business requirement during the testing process and at a later date, we ensure that the existing modules still works correctly and also incorporate these changes in our testing strategy.

Simplify integration - We test the components of the application/software first, integrate the components and then test the complete system as a whole. This provides the complete testing coverage across your application.

Customer Focus - Helps to focus on customer use cases, while testing the application.

Saves Time - Our optimized test suite created using proven Test Case Design techniques, help us to give maximum testing coverage in less time. This reduces the testing cycle and thus helps in saving time.

Improves Quality - Our methodology, our proven expertise in test strategy, planning and test execution techniques and our efficient testing through the usage of best practices, helps in improving the overall quality of the product.