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Test Case Designing Techniques

Course Summary:

This course provides an intense hands-on exposure to writing testcases using various techniques. This shall help the tester to optimize his testing suite, while give complete width and depth testing coverage.


This course is intended for beginners/intermediate level testers and analysts,who are currently testing in an ad-hoc manner and are looking for more formal techniques to be applied while writing down test cases.

Course format:

  • Lectures
  • Individual/group exercises
  • Discussions
  • Formal evaluation, if required

Course Duration:

  • 1 working day
  • Customized as per your requirement

Course Contents:

      1.  Introduction

      2.  Types of Requirement

            i.        Functional

           ii.        Non-Functional

      3.  Test Design techniques

            i.        Using Data Specification

           ii.        Combining data values

          iii.        Using Logic Specifications

          iv.        Test Scenarios/Cases

      4.  Formal test case design

      5.  Testing environment coverage

      6.  Best Practices

      7. Hands On Session


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