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Software Testing Principles

Course Summary:

This course provides an overview of various Software Testing principles needed by any tester. These principles make the tester aware of various Testing terminologies, help him to plan and organize what to test, when to test and also help him to optimize his test cases to provide maximum testing coverage.


This course is intended for beginners/intermediate level testers and analysts, who need to develop a working knowledge of Software testing.

Course format:

  • Lectures
  • Individual/group exercises
  • Discussions
  • Formal evaluation, if required  

Course Duration:

  •       5 working days
  •       Customized as per your requirement

Course Contents:

      1.  Introduction

      2.  Objectives

      3.  Software Development Life Cycles

      4.  Software Requirement Documentation

      5.  Quality Assurance and Quality Control

      6.  Software Testing Life Cycle

      7.  Types of Testing

      8.  Manual Testing and its limitations.

      9.  Automation testing

    10.  Test Strategies

    11.  Test methodologies

    12.  Test plans

    13.  Test design specification and Test Cases

    14.  Defect report

    15.  Traceability Matrix

    16.  Defect Management

    17.  Measurements

    18.  Case Study

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