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Measuring Software Quality

Course Summary:

This course provides a detail aspect of Measures, Metrics and statistical techniques. It focuses on the detail understanding of the Business objects, collection of metrics, monitoring the metrics using the suitable quality tool. By this training the audiences will be enable to demonstrate the value of the Quality efforts of the Senior Management.


This course is intended for Quality Assurance Managers, General Managers, Process Implementation Team Members, Management Representatives, Quality Analyst, Project managers, Team Leaders, Metric analyst and SEPG members.

Course format:

  • Lectures
  • Individual/group exercises
  • Discussions

Course Duration:

  • 1 working day
  • Customized as per your requirement

Course Contents:

      1.  Introduction

      2.  Objectives

      3.  Definitions

      4.  Why do we measure?

      5.  Types of Software Metrics

      6.  McCall’s Approach

      7.  Metrics for Software Quality

      8.  How to Collect metrics?

      9.  How to Use Metrics?

    10.  Analysis of metrics

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