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Fundamentals of Non-Functional Testing

Course Summary:

This course provides an introduction to the important field of specifying and testing the quality characteristics of software-intensive systems.  By the end of the course, participants shall be able to apply industry best practice to support the non-functional testing on their own projects. 


This course is intended for testers, test team leaders, developers, requirements and design analysts, project managers, business analysts and management consultants

Course format: 

  • Lectures
  • Individual/group exercises
  • Discussions

Course Duration:

  • 1 working day
  • Customized as per your requirement

Course Contents:

      1.  Introduction

      2.  Objectives

      3.  Attribute of a good software

      4.  Introduction to non-functional testing

      5.  Functional and non-functional requirement

      6.  Non-functional testing techniques

      7.  Usability Testing

      8.  Performance testing

      9.  Security testing

   10.  Compatibility testing

   11.  Load/Volume/Stress testing

   12.  Accessibility testing


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