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Engagement Model

In today’s dynamic environment, companies are faced with challenges to meet their software testing requirements. We understand these challenges and provide reliable solution to you. We have designed various engagement models, keeping in mind the factors that ensure successful project delivery. You can choose our Software Testing Services based on time, cost, size, effort and/or any other factors. Alternatively, our experts can also suggest the best engagement model suited for you to avail software testing services from us. 

No matter which model you choose, you will have control over costs, access to our expertise and the confidence that you will get great results. Our Software metrics will give you that confidence which will help you take the right decisions, at the right time. Our highly skilled team, our well-defined testing processes and our strong team management will deliver output that exceeds your expectations, so that you focus on the core business. 


 Result Based Quality Testing Service

- Pay on the results you get from our efforts


  • SLA is based on Key Performance Indicators like Quality Quotient, Testing Efficiency, Test Coverage, Test Effectiveness etc.
  • Regular reporting to track status and progress
  • Track Agreed KPIs and compensate us accordingly
  • You pay for actual testing deliverables, based upon the agreed SLA and not upon the type or number of resources employed
  • Best for continued quality improvement of your products and services



 ‘Extend Your Team’ Testing Service (Onsite / Offsite)

 - Flexible Staffing Solutions, on Demand


  • Augment your team with outsourced Testing staff
  • Get staff expertise, based on missing capabilities and skills
  • Quick ramp up of resources
  • Dynamic and flexible staffing helps you to adopt well to the changing business needs
  • Flexible Staffing cuts down your recruitment costs, while ensuring quality
  • Best suited when you want to follow your defined Test Strategy but need skilled testers to deliver the plan – either Onshore at your own site or Offshore at our premises.



Project Testing Service (Onsite / Offsite)

- Domain experts


  • Engage our expertise in time bound Projects
  • Ensures availability of Specialized resources at key milestones
  • Is a Project-based agreement
  • Helps you to manage spikes in Testing
  • Best suited when you need to perform specialized testing such as Performance, Automation, Localization or Usability etc., for a project.



Software Testing Consultancy

- To change results, change thoughts


  • On-going professional support
  • Integrate leading testing methodologies
  • Get access to large talent pool
  • Improve your overall testing and QA effectiveness and efficiency
  • Best suited when you are devoid of testing specialists who can help you improve Testing.



Managed Testing Services

Partner in your Success


  • Our complete ownership for your project
  • Test Specialists available to deliver results
  • Delivery Performance is based upon agreed SLA
  • Regular reporting to track status and progress
  • Best suited for Long term partnership.             

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